Health and Wellness Programmes

Health and Wellness talks (1 hour)

Mental Wellness Stress Management
Physical Wellness Increase Energy Levels
Daily Well-being Mindfulness
Joint and Bone Support
Diet and Lifestyle Detoxification
Summer Wellness Winter Wellness
Healthy Meal Planning Going Green
Men’s Health Women’s Health
Sleep Management Operation Transformation
All talks can be booked as a workshop or course.

Health and Wellness workshops (2 hours)

Wellness Induction for New Staff Wellness Retirement Exit Programme
Continuous Wellness Development Senior Management Wellness Programme
Middle Management Wellness Shift Staff Wellness
Key Performers Wellness (option 1to1) Team Building Wellness
Mental Wellness Stress Management
Healthy Eating Sleep Management
Energy Operation Transformation
Digestive Wellness Mindfulness
All workshops can be booked as talks or courses.

Courses: One Day (6 hours) , Two Day (12 hours)

Wellness in Work Leadership Team Wellness
Mental Wellness Stress Management
Healthy Eating Weight Management
Mindfulness Sleep Management
Wellness Induction for New Staff Continuous Wellness Development

Nutrition Wellness offers a variety of wellness packages throughout the year. We are now taking bookings for 2019. For more information call Sinead at 087 8369830. If you have a talk, workshop or course that is not on this list, let us know, we can design it.