Talk Type – Motivational talk on digital detox

Talk Description – The purpose of this talk is to provide attendee’s advice on digital detox. How to detox from digital devices to focus on real life social interaction. The key role digital detox has on managing your health with particular focus on sleep, energy levels, immune function, mood and prevention of illness. The significant impact high usage of devices may have on your mental,
emotional and physical wellbeing.

Learning Outcome for Attendees:
1) Basic scientific background on the health issues of high usage of devices
2) Day to day devices we encounter
3) How to reduce/eliminate time spent on devices
4) How devices may cause sleep disruption, low energy, low mood and sickness
5) The link between stress and digital devices
6) The benefits of digital detox on your social network
7) How to digital detox to help reach optimal wellness
8) Techniques for digital detox

Benefits of Wellbeing Workshops:

To the Organization To the Employee 
Good caring image A safe and healthy work environment 
Positive enhancement to the business Enhanced self-esteem 
Improved staff moraleReduced stress 
Reduced staff turnoverImproved morale 
Reduced absenteeism  Increased job satisfaction 
Increased productivityIncreased skills for health protection 
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health