Talk Type Motivational talk on work-life balance

Talk Description The purpose of this seminar is to provide attendee’s advice on how to have a positive work-life balance.  How work-life balance gives the employee a greater sense of control on their lives. The importance of work-life balance as a contributing factor to building resilience against stress at work and at home. The benefits of a good work-life balance for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Learning Outcome for Attendees:

  1. Basic scientific background on the benefits of a positive work-life balance
  2. How work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout
  3. How to separate your personal and professional life 
  4. How work-life balance supports your mental, physical and emotional health.
  5. Tips on leaving work at work 
  6. Techniques to support work-life balance

Benefits of Wellbeing Workshops:

To the OrganizationTo the Employee
Good caring imageA safe and healthy work environment
Positive enhancement to the businessEnhanced self-esteem
Improved staff moraleReduced stress
Reduced staff turnoverImproved morale
Reduced absenteeismIncreased job satisfaction
Increased productivityIncreased skills for health protection
Reduced health care/insurance costsImproved health