Talk Type – Motivational Sleep Management Talk

Talk description – The purpose of the talk is to provide attendee’s advice on sleep management.
The key to getting sufficient sleep for your mental, physical and emotional wellness. How lack of sleep can contribute to anxiety and impact on mental well-being. Highlighting foods which contain certain nutrients to promote good quality sleep. Why sleep is one of the five key pillars of life.

Learning outcome for attendees
1) Basic scientific background of sleep
2) Addressing difficulties sleep disorders, getting to sleep and staying asleep
3) Calming foods to promote restful sleep including herbs, vitamins and minerals
4) Internal and external triggers keeping you awake at night
5) How sleep contributes to prevention of illness and supports optimal wellness
6) Key changes to lifestyle and environment to support sleep management
7) Techniques to support sleep

Benefits of Wellbeing Workshops:

To the Organization To the Employee 
Good caring image A safe and healthy work environment 
Positive enhancement to the business Enhanced self-esteem 
Improved staff moraleReduced stress 
Reduced staff turnoverImproved morale 
Reduced absenteeism  Increased job satisfaction 
Increased productivityIncreased skills for health protection 
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health 
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of wellbeing