Talk Type – Motivational Women’s Health Talk 

Talk Description – The purpose of the talk is to provide attendee’s advice on Women’s health. The key to living a healthy life as a woman. What nutrients and calories are needed to maintain a woman’s health. As well as lifestyle choices would help maintain her health. Advice on how to reduce cramping and bleeding during your period as well as help fatigue.

Learning Outcome for Attendees :

  1. What nutrients are needed for the body
  2. What foods are helpful towards a woman’s health
  3. Lifestyle choices that can help
  4. Understanding the needs of the body
  5. What foods should be limited
  6. Foods that can help with period flow

Benefits of Wellbeing Workshops:

To the Organization To the Employee 
Good caring image A safe and healthy work environment 
Positive enhancement to the businessEnhanced self-esteem 
Improved staff moraleReduced stress 
Reduced staff turnoverImproved morale 
Reduced absenteeism Increased job satisfaction 
Increased productivityIncreased skills for health protection 
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health 
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of wellbeing